Anoka County Board Meeting 8/23/2022

Open Agenda

4. Tax claims and abatements. 00:00:21

5. Consider accepting the regular claims paid over $500 and purchase-card claims paid for the period ending August 12, 2022. 00:00:57

6. Approval of minutes from the August 9, 2022 county board meeting. 00:01:31

8. Committee reports. 00:02:19

A. Management Committee report.


8. Committee reports. 00:06:07

B. Transportation Committee report.

8. Committee reports. 00:14:20

C. Human Services Committee report.

8. Committee reports. 00:19:15

D. Intergovernmental and Community Relations Committee report.

9. Consider Resolution #2022-107, Resolution Amending Budget Allocations For Anoka County American Rescue Plan Act Funds (Known As ARPA Funds) Received From The Federal Government Through The United States Department Of The Treasury. 00:22:16

10. Consider approving the following liquor license application, as reviewed by and consented to by the township, sheriff, and attorney: 00:28:42

A. Linwood Fire Association by Justin Hansen - One day, on sale 3.2 malt liquor license (License #2022-01) - Township of Linwood - September 10, 2022.

11. Committee appointments: 00:29:25

A. Consider reappointing Judge John Dehen, as a Judicial Representative, to the Community Corrections Advisory Board for a two-year term ending June 2024.