Anoka County Board Meeting 9/13/2022

Open Agenda

4. Tax claims and abatements. 00:00:48

5. Consider accepting the regular claims paid over $500 and purchase-card claims paid for the period ending September 13, 2022. 00:01:17

6. Approval of minutes from the August 23, 2022, county board meeting. 00:01:53

7. Chair's remarks. 00:02:24

A. Consider, for informational purposes, presentation of Employee Years of Service Awards.

7. Chair's remarks. 00:13:45

B. Consider Resolution #2022-110, Proclaiming September Workforce Development Month.

8. Committee reports. 00:30:52

A. Management Committee report.

8. Committee reports. 00:33:00

B. Parks Committee report.

8. Committee reports. 00:42:03

C. Public Safety Committee chair report.

9. Public Hearing - 00:45:07

To obtain comments concerning proposed changes to t he Licensing for Food and Lodging Establishments Ordinance, Public Swimming Pool Ordinance, and Solid Waste Management Charge Ordinance.

10. Consider approving the following liquor license application, as reviewed by and consented to by the township, sheriff, and attorney: 00:47:50

A. Orono Lions Club by Bradley Hansen - One day, on sale 3.2 malt liquor license (License #2022-02) - Township of Linwood - September 17, 2022.