Anoka County Board Meeting 11/22/2022

Open Agenda

4. Consider acceptin the regular claims paid over $500 and purchase-card claims paid for the period ending November 4, 2022. 00:00:22

5. Approval of minutes from the November 8, 2022, county board meeting. 00:01:03

6. Chair's remarks. 00:01:32

7. Committee reports. 00:14:30

A. Management Committee report.

7. Committee reports. 00:19:08

B. Transportation Committee report.

7. Committee reports. 00:32:12

C. Finance and Capital Improvements Committee report.

7. Committee reports. 00:33:49

D. Human Services Committee report.

7. Committee reports. 00:43:29

E. Intergovernmental and Community Relations Committee report.

7. Committee reports. 00:44:57

F. Public Safety Committee report.

8. Public Hearing - to obtain comments concerning Anoka County user fees. 00:47:14

A. Consider Resolution #2022-138, Relating to Fees for Various County Services, Including Fees Related to Permits and Licenses and Sales of Materials to The Public and Other Government Agencies.

9. Committee appointments: 00:52:37

A. Consider appointing Barb Case to the Library Board for a term ending December 31, 2024, representing District #5, replacing Belinda Lawrence by Commissioner Gamache.

9. Committee appointments: 00:53:47

B. Consider appointing Annastasia (Stacey) Collier, YMCA of the North, as a Community Agency Representative to the Anoka County Children and Family Council for a term ending June 30, 2024, replacing Lisa Pung Michaelson.

9. Committee appointments: 00:54:22

C. Consider reappointing the following to the Community Health Advisory Committee for 3-year terms ending December 31, 2025.