Anoka County Board Meeting 12/02/2022

Open Agenda

4. Tax claims and abatements. 00:00:40

5. Consider accepting the regular claims paid over $500 and purchase-card claims paid for the period ending November 18, 2022. 00:01:07

6. Approval of minutes from the November 22, 2022, county board meeting. 00:01:41

8. Committee reports. 00:02:11

A. Management Committee report.

8. Committee reports. 00:03:48

B. Intergovernmental and Community Relations Committee chair report.

9. Public Hearing Continuation (from November 22, 2022) - to obtain comments concerning Anoka County user fees. 00:06:32

A. Consider Resolution #2022-148, Relating to Fees for various County Services, Including Fees Related to Permits and Licenses and Sales of Materials to The Public and Other Government Agencies.

10. Public Hearing - to receive testimony on proposed changes to the Capital Improvement Program for the five-year period from 2023 through 2027. 00:10:08

A. Consider Resolution #2022-149, County Board Adoption of the 2023-2027 Capital Program (which includes the Capital Improvement Plan).

11. Consider Resolution #2022-150, County Board Adoption Of Final Tax Levy And Final Operating Budget And Capital Improvements Budget For 2023 Program Year For Anoka County. 00:18:36

12. Consider Resolution #2022-151, Resolution Adopting A Public Safety Tax Levy For Program Year 2023. 00:25:35

ADDITIONAL AGENDA - 1. Consider the following, as recommended by the Management Committee: 00:27:00

A. Adopting Resolution #2022-M20, Establishing Equitable Compensation Relationships, Classification Plan, And Compensation Plan.

13. Consider Resolution #2022-152, Resolution Establishing Compensation And Expense Amounts For Anoka County Employees, Unclassified Employees, Appointed Division Managers, Department Heads, Elected Officials, And County Commissioners For 2023. 00:48:28

ADDITIONAL AGENDA - 1. Consider the following, as recommended by the Management Committee: 00:55:45

B. Approving 2022 proposed revisions dated December 2, 2022, to the Anoka County Personnel Rules and Regulations.

14. Consider acknowledging that the county board has received a copy of the proposed City of Blaine Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District for the following purposes: 00:57:31

A. Reviewing the proposal to establish Tax Increment Financing (Redevelopment) District No.1-24 (Rainbow Village Redevelopment Project). B. Submitting comments on the Tax Increment Financing District to the city, in lieu of the traditional 30-day comment period.